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Raceband 1 (5658MHz)
Raceband 2 (5695MHz)
Raceband 3 (5732MHz)
Raceband 4 (5769MHz)
Raceband 5 (5806MHz)
Raceband 6 (5843MHz)
Raceband 7 (5880MHz)
Raceband 8 (5917MHz)

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By registering for this event you are accepting the terms and conditions of entry as detailed on this page.

Terms and conditions


We will confirm competitor registrations in the order they are received.

If the number of registrations exceeds the event capacity, we will add you to the reserve list and notify you.

If the reserve list gets too long then we may close registrations.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information given on the registration form is correct - especially your contact email and phone number, as we’ll be using these to notify you of any changes.


Cancellation & refunds

Unexpected things happen. If you can’t attend the event then please tell us as soon as you can so that we can find a reserve to take your place. If there isn’t enough time to do so then we may not be able to refund your registration fee.

Confirmed pilots: You can cancel any time up to 7 days before the event and we will refund your registration fee, minus any PayPal fees.

If you cancel within 7 days of the event and we are able to fill your place from the reserve list then we will refund your registration fee (minus any PayPal fees).

If the reserve list is empty then you are welcome to find your own replacement.

If we are unable to fill your place then a refund will only be considered once we can be sure that the event costs have been covered.

Reserve pilots: You can cancel any time before the event and we will refund your registration fee (minus any PayPal fees).

If a place becomes available you will be automatically promoted to the confirmed list and notified.

If you are not promoted to the confirmed list by the event then we will refund your registration fee in full.


Insurance/failsafe/power output check

We require that you have BMFA or FPVUK insurance valid for the day(s) on which you will be flying - both allow you to buy online and a confirmation email on your phone is acceptable proof.

We also require that you have failsafes activated and ready to test during check-in - we will ask you to prove that it works.

NB: Some FCs have two failsafes - signal loss and rx connection loss; both should be set to motor cut.

We will check VTx power output during the registration process and randomly throughout the day. Please ensure that your antennas are removable to allow this.


Pilot pack and safety briefing

We will issue a pilot pack containing further details before the race and announce heat allocations so that you can setup your VTxs before arriving if you wish.  We will conduct the safety briefing once the track is setup, and any amendments to the rules will also be announced during this time. Practice will begin immediately after the briefings.



We may provide power at some venues but please bring your own 4-ways!

Charging must be attended at all times and LiPo bags must be used.

We will provide fire extinguishers and ammo-tins for fire control and safe disposal in case of a fire.



If you are using a handout transponder then these require a simple servo connection (5V, centre-positive) and can be connected to a spare receiver channel or FC motor output - please make sure you can access this easily without damaging the transponder as the handouts may be shared. The transponder will also need to be attached to your model using velcro in a location where it has an unobstructed view of the sensor as you pass through the timing gate.

Personal transponders (I-Lap compatible) will be permitted at this event.


Frequency scheme

We will be using the following frequency scheme to ensure minimum 37MHz separation between pilots:


Raceband #1 (5658MHz)
Raceband #2 (5695MHz)
Raceband #3 (5732MHz)
Raceband #4 (5769MHz)
Raceband #5 (5806MHz)
Raceband #6 (5843MHz)
Raceband #7 (5880MHz)
Raceband #8 (5917MHz)

We request that you have a VTx that can support all 8 of these frequencies at a maximum of 25mW, and that you familiarise yourself with setting them.

We may reject your registration if your VTx cannot manage at least 6 of these frequencies.

Single-channel digital video (e.g. Connex ProSight) will be permitted at this event, but must be set to the either the same frequency scheme above or completely outside of the analogue channels. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure any digital equipment meets this requirement, and analogue equipment will be given priority in the event of a clash.